This project will be performed within a multidisciplinary team, using techniques of molecular biology, microbiology, biopharmacy, statistics, scanning electron microscopy and analytical chemistry, skill which dominate the research team and collaborators. Thereby, diverse and novel methodologies in predictive microbiology, pyrosequencing, gastrointestinal simulations and volative compound determinations will be applied. Below, you can see the researchers associated with the Olifilm project beloging to the Food Biotechnology Department of Instituto de la Grasa ( This group has a wide experience and knowledge in all physico-chemical and microbiological aspects concerning to table olive processing.


 Research Team

In the project also collaborate the researchers: Luca Cocolin, Ph.D., Joaquín Bautista Gallego, PhD. and Kalliopi Rantsiou, Ph.D from University of Turin (Italy), and Stephanie Blanquet-Diot, Ph.D. and Sylvain Denis from University of Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne (France). The Italian team have experience in the application of molecular techniques for the identification and characterization of microorganisms in foods, while the French team has experience in the evaluation of the probiotic features of microorganisms.